Corporate & Industrial Guarding

Guarding – Whether residential, commercial or industrial site, our guards are there to ensure your safety on site. Our guards are PSIRA registered and have gone through thorough credit and criminal background checks.  We offer guarding services to both corporate, commercial and industrial clients. We also cover special events, ensuring you are safe under our watch. Our guards undergo extensive training and development aligned with global industry standards to ensure the highest effectiveness and efficiency.

We also monitor our security guards electronically, by utilizing real-time patrol systems that alert our control room of any irregularities that may occur and are supported by 24-hour monitoring and armed response back-up.

Types Of Security Guarding

Mining & Industrial

Our services offer a strong focus on safety and the development of processes to ensure streamline of operations without hindrance or compromise. Our goal is to ensure clients are able to reach their production quotas on time.


The safety and comfort of residents is our top priority. We strive to uphold commitments to body corporates and exceed service level requirements. Our services include access control and diligent, effective patrols.


We offer a range of services that provide security and peace of mind. Professionalism in exercising our duties and maintaining the integrity of client information and assets is our primary goal.


We focus on the receiving and dispatch of stock to ensure goods and sales alike are brought “on charge”. We also conduct both scheduled and random stock audits.

Mining & Industrial Guarding

Given GRC experience, we understand that mining and industrial facilities are multidisciplinary environments that could realize a multitude of risks if discipline and order is not maintained.  A strong focus on consistently enforcing security policies and procedures while constantly training employees on security awareness topics leads to minimal incidents and stability in operations.

Physical inspections and data research assist in formulating a picture of the ideal security environment and historic trends.  Various department managers are consulted to understand processes in all areas within the client premises. This will help us identify key assets and processes for protection.  Risks facing the assets and processes are determined based upon internal and externally collected data.  Solutions are based on industry, government and economical best practices to best fit the company’s requirements.

Armed or unarmed guards are deployed depending on the levels of risk and considering the environment of deployment.  Guard duties include- safeguarding machinery, offices, access and egress points, patrolling fence-lines for breaches, conducting contraband searches among others.

Guards are trained and selected according to specific tasks.  Some Guards function as safety officers, first aiders, and other key members within the general safety and incident management environment.

Our Guards are equipped with live tracking which is monitored by Gravity Control Room.  This benefits in many ways, including- real time response, comprehensive reports of events, instant reporting of non-conformities among many other.  All guarding posts are linked to armed response of client choosing.

Gravity Security Officers are all PSIRA trained, registered and have been thoroughly vetted to ensure high levels of service delivery.  In addition to regulatory requirements, selection interviews and technical tests directly compliment security duties, processes and standards set by Gravity.  Gravity hires for passion.  Only the most dedicated and disciplined Security Officers are selected.

Daily and monthly security operational reports are submitted to clients to provide evidence of performance in accordance with written security plans.  Security policies and procedures are all aligned with Safety, Health and Environmental requirements for each site under Gravity protection

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Estate Guarding

Understanding the balance required between the  convenience  and comfortability of At-home-estate-living and the need for effective security implementation to ensure the safety of the community as a whole residing in the estate. Therefore also acknowledging that the individual’s security also impacts the Estate or Residential Complex’ Security.

Our security approach entails; Armed & Unarmed Guarding. Value Added Service incl;  Digital & Biometric Access Control, CCTV systems, Live- monitored patrols with reporting, Panic linked to Armed Response, Vetting of Service Providers, Employees, Domestic & Garden workers.

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Commercial Guarding

Gravity provides professional and fully compliant security services to Commercial properties.  Commercial properties are currently at exceptional high risk due to many office spaces being vacant after having to close during the level 1 and 2 lockdown stages in 2020.

Gravity Risk Consultants offers committed 24/7 Security Guarding services which are fully supported by Guarding Supervisors, a designated Area Manager, 24 hour control room for constant patrol monitoring and radio reporting of activity and emergencies.  Gravity is in the process of obtaining its ISO accreditation 9001 Quality Management 2018 in stride of service excellence signifying that we constantly seek to improve.

Gravity goes beyond the status quo by also performing regular security audits which include safety health and environmental hazards to client premises in light of our goal to achieve a zero-loss report.

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Retail Security Guarding

Gravity Risk Consultants uses an adapted security risk management model proven in its ability to:  identify Assets and Processes of Value; Identify Risks & Weaknesses to/in the operation needing security and ultimately emergence of Security Measures which effectively mitigate the specific risks and hazards affecting the Client’s bottom line.

The Security plan for retail security would include how to deal with general theft/ shoplifting as well as threats to public safety acknowledging all relevant governance and laws.  Disaster management plans, business continuity and supporting SOPs are provided and all our Officers receive continuous training for the effective implementation.

Gravity provide peace-of-mind to Clients  by  deploying only Vetted and Registered Guards who have also passed internal job selections and technical tests.  All Gravity Guards are subject to GRC Security policy, Code of Conduct and consent to polygraph tests if transgression is suspected.

Retail Guarding Sites are supported by Gravity on-site CCTV and Gravity Control Room.  Incidents on site are escalated to GRC Investigations department where various forensic investigation capabilities are at our disposal.

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