Whether it’s personal or business, an unfortunate reality is that debtors often like to avoid what they owe. In some cases, it may feel like some debtors vanish into thin air. That’s where Gravity Risk Consultants come in. We offer cost-effective, fast and specialised tracing services that will find missing or absconding debtors, ensuring that you’ll get what is owed to you. Thanks to our access to a vast range of data and data sources, we’re able to trace information such as contact numbers, residential information, employment information and any other contactable details legally available to us. 

While we pride ourselves on the effectiveness of our tracing services, we also pride ourselves on adhering to the legalities of tracing. These are the rules we follow to ensure that the information we provide is ethically sourced:

  • All of our data collection sources are in compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI). When we source people’s information for our clients, we do it legally. 
  • We only ever collect personal information that is for the defined purpose.
  • We will only collect personal information if the tracing service is in the “legitimate interest” of our client. 
  • We will only collect personal information if it protects the “legitimate interest” of our client.
  • We don’t charge the debtor a tracing fee as this doesn’t form part of the necessary fees and expenses prescribed by the Debt Collectors Act.
  • We don’t charge a collection commission to the debtor as this would be improper conduct. 
  • We don’t engage in any coercive behaviour to obtain information. 

In order for our services to be impactful, they need to be ethical and above-board. Gravity Risk Consultants makes sure to uphold these rules to ensure this and to maintain the trust of our clients. 

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