The appeal of gated estates is clear – safety and security. However, it’s not that simple. There are a number of factors that need to be applied to a holistic approach to estate security, including the responsibilities that apply to the security company and the residents themselves. In a gated community, everyone needs to play a role in keeping one another safe. 

Naturally, most of the responsibility falls on the body corporate and the security measures they put in place. Ensuring safety for estate residents is a process and involves continuous assessment of current measures, research into new technology, and applying what is relevant, affordable and effective. This forward-thinking approach combats knee-jerk reactions and facilitates a well-rounded approach to security for gated communities. Trends have indicated that the importance of vetting has become more popular, with many estates acquiring vetting services.

Everything Gravity Risk Consultants offers is guided by global industry standards, ensuring that we are always evolving and up to date. Our residential and estate guarding services aren’t exempt from this process. Firstly, all of our guards are PSIRA registered, have undergone thorough screening and criminal background checks, and have received extensive training according to global standards. We know exactly who we hire and exactly who is responsible for your safety. Secondly, we monitor our guards electronically using a real-time patrol system. This allows us to make sure that our guards are performing at an optimum level at all times. Should we pick up on any irregularities, we will always have an armed response back-up at the ready. To strengthen security further, our guards will systematically perform vigilant patrols and carefully monitor access control. Another aspect of our offering is security technology, which we evaluate and improve on as trends change. Our team offers CCTV and offsite monitoring, intercom installation and monitoring, alarm installations and real-time monitoring, and the implementation of automatic gate systems. 

Even though the brunt of the responsibility is on the estate, the residents can also play a role in keeping each other safe. It’s important to be mindful of who you allow into the estate, as this could directly impact your neighbours. Avoid allowing friends and family to bring people you don’t know into your home as you can’t vouch for their trustworthiness. If you are renting your home out, make sure to conduct thorough vetting so you know who will have access to the community and what their intentions may be. It’s also crucial to build relationships with your neighbours as this builds trust – you’ll have someone to rely on. Lastly, encourage one another to invest in home security solutions to ensure a united front. 

Everyone has the right to a safe and peaceful life. With estate security and residents working as a team, these rights are a lot easier to sustain and protect.