Our Approach

An unfortunate reality of our world is that everyone and everything is vulnerable and a target for crime, including businesses and organisations. Thus, it goes without saying that keeping your business and your employees safe is paramount. However, some workplaces view security in a traditional sense, which is often their downfall. At Gravity Risk Consultants, we offer a holistic approach to Organisational Security to ensure all of your bases are covered. 

“It’s like going to the gym every morning. Every hour of the day, you need to be prepared. And so that means you have to exercise this operational security posture on a continuous basis.” – Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella

Our approach is more than just physical security. We embrace all aspects of security, making sure that there is constant protection, early detection of threats or breaches, and ongoing maintenance and improvements. Our offerings include: 

  • Security Assessments: We manage all assessments regarding the risk for staff, resources, systems, finances, operations and more. 
  • Intelligence Collection: We manage and organise the collection of intelligence from various departments. 
  • Vetting: We perform all necessary background checks.
  • Information Support Centre: We manage all the databases we have access to from one centralised point.
  • Corporate Investigations: We conduct internal, corporate investigations that cover a range of categories.
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures: We offer physical and electronic examinations of a designated area. 
  • Education, Training & Social/Employee Development: We educate and train individuals in security matters. 
  • Policies: We provide expert security policy writers skilled in numerous areas.
  • Research & Development: We keep an eye on trends, market changes, and new possibilities and develop projects to action them for you. 
  • Tracing: We offer both individual and business/company tracing. 

In short, Organisational Security is part of the cost of doing business, and your return on investment will be undeniable. To find out more, click here.