Guarding for businesses 


According to a Business Tech article, non-residential crimes have escalated. Since the start of the year, there have been over 83,000 cases of commercial crimes, over 59,000 cases of shoplifting, over 28,000 cases of stock theft, and over 20,000 cases of non-residential robberies. Thus, it’s clear that a security strategy is non-negotiable for businesses, no matter the industry.

Aside from keeping your assets, staff and clients safe, having security guards and security systems visible throughout goes a long way. Our guards will act as a deterrent to any criminals – groups as well as individuals. The presence of guards will also allow for immediate apprehension should your business be under attack.

The presence of guards also creates a great impression. It will imply to anyone who enters your premises that you take the safety of your staff and visitors very seriously. You will get an automatic vote of confidence.

When you choose guards from Gravity Risk Consultants, you’re getting global industry standards. All of our guards are expertly and extensively trained and PSIRA registered to ensure that you receive the utmost highest levels of effectiveness and efficiency. To maintain our promise of effective guarding, we monitor all of our guards electronically. Our real-time patrol systems will alert our control room of anything unusual and are supported by 24-hour monitoring and armed response backup.

A person’s business is its most prized possession and deserves the highest level of security and safety options – Gravity Risk Consultants have the options you need. Get in touch for a quote.