It can be difficult as a business owner to decide on how best to protect your investments and choosing what improvements to make to your security features just adds another big box to tick on your agenda. That is why we want to help you secure your business in any or all of the following ways.

Electronics and Monitoring

We perform the installation of security systems such as intercoms and CCTV cameras. We monitor each site and our despatch is ready to contact armed security teams should an emergency occur. If you need personnel on-site or to ensure the safety of transported goods, we also provide a security guarding service.

Organisational security

We offer a wide range of services in terms of organisational security and cover just about every aspect from vetting your potential employees to assessments and security awareness programs. We will ensure your company is secure within and without.

Close Protection Services

Interested in Close Protection services? Gravity offers discreet and highly trained security operatives and security drivers working to ensure the safety of the client. Personal Protection has evolved over the last decade, into what is now a more refined and complex service. Our bodyguards have internationally recognised qualifications and adhere to international standards level of training.

Security Guarding

We also offer highly trained security guards to protect your business assets and properties 24hrs a day. Whether residential, commercial or industrial site, our guards are there to ensure your safety on site. Our guards are PSIRA registered and have gone through thorough credit and criminal background checks.

Mining Operation security

We cover every aspect of mine security, from risk assessment to tactical response units. We offer risk assessments to advise you on what security features would best suit your operation. Our personnel are outfitted and trained for any emergency.

Risk Consultancy

As you can see we have a wide bouquet of security-based services. If you are not sure of what you need or what we have to offer we have a security risk consultation service where you can sit down with one of our consultants and introduce them to your business. We will identify any improvements that could or should be made to your security infrastructure as well as tailor a package to suit your business’ needs and philosophy. We can offer such security risk consultancy services as a stand-alone service for clients not retaining monthly services, to provide independent security audits in tandem with client designated security service providers

We cover every aspect of ensuring the security of the site and as such we can tailor each package to the needs of your business. Each one of these services is offered individually but, we are more than sufficiently equipped to be your sole security provider. Our infrastructure and personnel work especially well in tandem with each other.