It’s no secret that South Africa has a dire safety and security issue. Whether it is the result of under resourced police services or criminals in the country becoming emboldened, South Africans have accepted the need for private security firms. This has led to an explosion in the number of security companies and so it is important for people to know what sets them apart from one another. Gravity Risk Consultants strives to stand out from the crowd, providing exceptional security services in a range of environments.

Our Ethos

Honour, confidentiality, communication, passion, fairness and learning are cardinal pillars which Gravity Risk Consultants is founded upon, through these pillars Gravity Risk Consultants seeks to restore dignity to the security profession by providing you with highly competent security personnel who have undergone highly rigorous training to ensure clinical execution of each and every area we operate in from access control to close protection.

Our Services

We work to provide protection for residential, commercial or industrial sites and our guards are all PSIRA registered. We vet our team thoroughly and vouch for each and every one of our experienced security officers. For people with more sensitive security concerns, we offer exceptional close protection services. You will be provided with professionally trained, discreet and credible security operatives and chauffeurs for your business dealings and events. Our clients range from CEOs, celebrities, and even religious leaders. Another one of our defining services is our focus on mining operation strategy. We work closely with our clients to create an all-encompassing security strategy for their mining endeavours, keeping in mind the state of the industry and the stability of they are in. We also offer a full range of organizational security measures that will help create a complete and responsive system to ensure your business remains protected. These services range from personal vetting to organizational investigation.


We value secure and clear communication channels between our security officers, our team and our clients. It is imperative that all parties feel that they have enough information to feel safe and secure. 

All of these factors help push Gravity Risk Consultants over the top of exceptional private security companies. Our strong track record and list of high-level clients are proof of our effectiveness. Contact us today and we will work with you to create a security strategy that fits your business and lifestyle.