Close Protection

Our Close Protection Service provides our clients with professionally trained, discreet and credible security operatives and chauffeurs. Our range of services includes:

  • Personal Close Protection

  • Executive Close Protection

  • Security Chauffeurs

What We Do

Our clients range from Corporate, Celebrity, Royals and Religious Leader to private individuals. However every client is different and every close protection task is different. Therefore we need consider a variety of factors, like language or lifestyle and take those into account.

Personal Protection has evolved over the last decade, into what is now a more refined and complex service. Our bodyguards have internationally recognised qualifications and adhere to international standards level of training. Gravity Risk Consultants has added military operation strategies and security management skills services to enhance those Protection Services.

Gravity Risk Consultants is deploying single protection operatives as well protection teams across the world in support of our clients’ requirements. In order to determine the close protection requirements, each client under goes an extensive risk and threat analysis. This is to ensure we provide you with the most comprehensive protection plan. Finally, we review our protection plans on a regular basis.

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How We Do It

All our personnel are carefully vetted and all our bodyguards primarily have police or military backgrounds. We recruit them from the most reputable training institutions. Furthermore, all our security operatives are armed with the required equipment and on request we also provide armored vehicles.

Each client under goes an extensive risk and threat analysis to ensure we provide the best solution. Depending on the risk profile, we will provide independent security operatives or teams dedicated to protecting and serving our clients. Finally, we educate them on relevant and effective integrated security tactics and strategies tailor-made to address their security risk factors.

We use following techniques:

  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

  • Counter Surveillance

  • Intelligence Gathering

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